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There’s a business/emotional intelligence (I don’t know what the latter one is) writer person (Simon Sinek) who talks about looking internally to find your “why” in terms of what you do, in general.

Sounds pretty broad, and you may think the process involves scented candles, talismans, wispy clothing and body odor but it’s actually legit. Wait. Scented candles, etc. are legit too…I just mean…well…you know how some stores smell like patchouli and have cats in them and…oh crap forget it sorry if I offended you.

I can see a lot of other people’s why’s (maybe we should call them wise?), but it’s hard to figure out mine. Maybe it’s hard to figure out yours.

Mine has something to do with coaching so other people can understand their strengths and use them accordingly. I don’t have a moral compass so if their strengths could be used for evil, fine by me, as long as I get a piece of the action.

Ok fine, strengths for good, strengths for good, put down your torches and/or pitchforks.

I assumed everyone had the same why as mine, some version of “hey look what you can do…!,” until I listened to a Simon Sinek (I get 5-bucks every time I write his name) podcast about this where the podcastee said his why is to …”give people some thing they need that allows them to feel seen and heard – because of that thing, they make the transformation they need to make or find joy they need to find” and he thought that was everyone’s why (wise) until Sinek is like “…yeah everyone says that…” then proceeds to deck the guy with a chair like on the Jerry Springfield show.

I made that last part up.

The point of all this is to find your why, what drives you to do what you do. It’s a trip, hard to figure out, and may require someone’s help. I’ll do it for $376.60 in cryptocurrency, but cash cryptocurrency. I’ll coach you on how to convert it to cash.

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