Smooth Operator

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There’s a sign on this huge asphalt construction dump truck in front of my house that says:
Keep social distance
Stay 6-feet back
Do not touch truck

Wait. Do not touch truck?

I’m happy about it. At first because it’s hilarious, then later because it shows so much care on a very unusual canvas.

“Do not touch truck” is the result of a seemingly random fit of over-protected-ness.
We could use fits of over-protected caring more often, in the same vein as:
• an officer looking out for the enlisted
• a teacher looking out for students
• a firefighter looking out for the crew

“Use,” as in utilize, rather than “benefit from.”

Regardless of rank on paper, caring makes someone a leader.

The bond created from caring allows a group to accomplish anything. It creates faith, belief, and the relaxed confidence of an unflinching team of operators.

Thus, it’s essential to any organization.

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