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You know what I think is annoying? Suitcases. And/or fancy leather weekender bags that cool people like Keanu Reeves probably have. 

Because in an effort to avoid the chaos of not having enough stuff, I create entropy in the form of packing too much stuff.

Plus I look like an exhausted middle aged father grumpily huffing his heavy bag(s) around instead of having fun on vacation. 

So as far as work is concerned, I’ve developed the habit of overpacking in an effort to better “manage” things. UGH. No disorder here, no sir. What a drag. 

It’s exhausting, like fighting the tide. And distracting.

The best moments, ideas and experiences I’ve contributed to were borne of complete pandemonium which rendered the fetters and confines of controlling the uncontrollable completely useless. 

Chaos created instinctual focus and the ability to instantly cast aside a mistake and move forward toward what the heck we’re trying to accomplish. With style. 

There’s a certain swagger to it right? 

Pack light. 

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