I'm Patrick from Outcasting.

I write long- and short-form copy that inspires action.

If you need content writing or copywriting, onward!

If not, maybe go onward for the heck of it.

What I do

I think like an engineer and use words to connect what people want with what you have, so they choose your brand, product, service, or idea.

Whether blog posts, guides, case studies, articles, voice scripts, email content, advertisements, landing pages, or anything else, I build effective* copy that increases revenue, or whichever metric defines success.

"Just a quick update. Sent out your verbiage to every client and every client agreed. Now I'm crazy busy. Your words worked too well."

I learn your business, then tell its truth. Which makes your market say, "Hey! This is for me!"

I build the messages they want to hear.

Industries served

B2B or B2C, I adapt to what you need.

I write for the SaaS, Information Technology, Branding, Advertising, Creative Services, Nonprofit, Retail, and Healthcare industries. But nothing is off the table, as I pick projects from any organization inspiring action.


The Future Will Not Involve Underwear

Five months of bickering, backstabbing, break-ups, and occasional pugilism resulted in a book. Not including the actual writing part of course. It's available both at The Bad Place (electronic and print) and Bookshop.org (print only), the latter of which supports independent bookstores as well as fledgling artists with gambling problems. As it turns out.

A collection of humor and satire designed to make people laugh and maybe think about stuff they'd normally miss.

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I write every day. That's my baseline, and this is one of the outcomes. If you're looking for engaging irreverence, occasional coherence, often pointed, mixed with enough indelicate humor as to create a want, a craving for more, subscribe!