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1. Maybe your audience doesn't get what you're doing. I can help with that. Or maybe you don't know where to start, or you're always in meetings. I can help with that too. First things first: I listen to understand what your problems are so we can build solutions.

2. We clearly define who the copy is for, what it's asking them to do, and the context.

3. I create the messaging architecture and write to inspire action.

4. I always deliver on deadline.

5. You feel less pressure, stop worrying, then maybe we high-five.

That's fine, But where is the proof?

Here is what I've done for other folks*.

I do not have a background in any of these industries. But I listen, and have quite a bit of range: A rare combination that helps me build effective copy.

Featured Work


#1 Ranked reservations sales and marketing SaaS company for the luxury hotel, resort, casino, and vacation rental industry, headquartered in Bend, OR.

Patrick is an incredible writer who you can count on to deliver copy that pops. He brings a unique flair and spirit to the job, always impressing me with his turns of phrases and ability to take a concept and make it shine! Plus, he always delivers on deadline.


Execute a robust content marketing strategy for lead generation and sales use to thwart competitors' growing market share.

Strategy and Tactics

Utilize guides, case studies, and blog posts speaking to hospitality management and leadership, hospitality portfolio management companies, and investment firms.

Tell engaging, honest problem/solution-based stories that create and relieve tension. Take interesting slants to increase and maintain engagement.

Reveal the single most important product differentiator: REVINATE'S software solutions deliver more direct booking revenue by capturing and converting visible and invisible demand.

My business sense + creativity = your memorable story.

Featured Work

Paper Crane Factory

Full-service creative branding and advertising agency located in Seattle, WA.


Paper Crane Factory's client, Kelley Connect, adds broad Information Technology (IT) service capabilities to its existing print/imaging solutions portfolio. Kelley Connect is more than capable of delivering on this new promise, but must establish trust among its current partners to generate sales.

Strategy and Tactics

Target specific legacy customer groups of Kelley Connect.

Create a series of campaigns with a very specific offering to each target group. Customize communications to include campaign-specific landing pages, email and social ads, testimonials/blog posts, and sales scripts.

Generate warm leads for the Kelley Connect sales team to increase sales within their current prospect list. Use the opportunity to claim thought leadership superiority in the IT space.

“...This is what we’ve been fighting for years ...”

Featured Work

Fine Art Miracles

A nonprofit using art therapy to combat loneliness, depression, and anxiety within elderly and other underserved populations.

THIS IS YOUR BEST ARTICLE YET! I absolutely LOVE the message. This is what we've been fighting for years--and the pandemic has only exacerbated it! Thank you, thank you for stating our case and the case of so many underserved. You hit the target this time, my friend. Bullseye!


Increase self-esteem and self-worth of residents and loved ones living in social isolation.

Strategy and Tactics

Address the hopelessness inherent in the internal dialogue of caregivers of vulnerable populations.

Raise awareness of art therapy through conversational and humorous weekly blog posts championing caregivers' work.

Increase weekly sales volume of Fine Art Miracles' creative therapy programs, classes, and art packages.

Work with Outcasting

I'm a low-pressure gig. Do you want to rap about what you've got cooking? Drop me a note or give me a call. I'm here to help.

Two quick philosophical things:


It's tempting to imagine that just over the horizon our problems will disappear. But problems have staying power – we trade one set for another. I see them as road signs pointing the way forward, a.k.a. opportunities for greatness. They're how we know we're on the right track – the trick is to figure out which ones are worth dancing with. I can help with that.


Fear is similar – it's always lurking, for everyone. You are not alone. So whether me or someone else, take the chance to do great work.

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