Duck Fly By

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If I chose to be more weird I may have even fewer friends and more enemies.

Completely untrue, I don’t have any enemies which may mean I’m doing things wrong.

I do believe my life would be much busier if I chose to be weird in my particular version of weird. I’d be filming little videos I’ve scripted. I’d hire a drone operator to conduct a fly-by on my house as I narrated a story about oh let’s say ducks attacking my neighborhood. I’d make purposefully bad commercials about digestive relief.

For the others…it would offer entertainment, I imagine. A reprieve. And perhaps it would inspire them to act in their own form of weird.

Oh my, what’s preventing me from doing this? The story I tell myself about the box I live in that doesn’t allow for such behaviors. I imagine I should start telling myself a different story.

You should be more weird too. There’s likely nothing truly stopping you.

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