Airwar II

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What does digital marketing mean? 

Is it the popup ad that appears on your phone? The one you frantically mash to close quickly, desperately?

Can you bear even a microsecond of an intrusive popup ad that some organization likely paid tens and tens of thousands of dollars for? 

Why do you think they bought it? Do they think it works? So now you’ll Visit Wyoming or enroll with Kaiser Permanente or buy a Honda? 

Their Account Executive will tell you yes to all of the above. 

Your Account Executive will tell you even the briefest “impression” influences purchasing behavior.

We don’t have Account Executives. 

And digital marketing has been around way longer than you think.

Because it’s just marketing.

And the most important part of marketing isn’t staying on top of a trend or being the leading edge, because in today’s economy that changes by the second and is thus impossible to capture. 

The most important part of marketing is your idea.  

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