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What does SEO mean to you? 

In real terms, not the terms an SEO Specialist told you. Think about it. 

It probably doesn’t mean a lot. 

How about a description? What does it do, what’s it made of, what does it look like? 

Can you describe it?  

Yet you and your organization like to think of SEO as a primary marketing lever. And you’re not alone. 

If everyone is “doing” SEO, and if Google is constantly changing the playing field regarding SEO, AdWords, and all the other ways an organization plows through its quarterly marketing budget, why are you doing it? 

To climb a ranking, only to be outclimbed 30 seconds later? 

Are you doing it because someone is telling you to do it? Are they saying it’s like a utility – you just have to have it to function? 

Sounds like a race to the bottom. Except for the folks you’re paying for the service of course. 

Would an original thought break your heart? 

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