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This is territory heavily plowed, as it should be.

I’m cautious – I don’t want to add to the noise, even if it’s important noise. So I’ll just add a little.

Like most history, the events (pandemic, racism, murder) of 2020, approximately January through today June 3rd, happened, but will be defined by what we do next.

Leaders aren’t made. They choose to lead. If the common thread is leaders choosing to lead with inclusiveness rather than divisiveness, with a willful determination to make daily progress and accept it will take hundreds of days, every day, to make change – from the household leaders to community organizers to politicians (who work for us) – then positive change will be made, and we will be better for it as a culture and society.

Don’t judge your contribution – your contribution is incomparable. Just make your contribution. 

It’s terrifying. It’s reparable. All of it.

For the first time we can see generations that, working together, can not only lead us through the pandemic, but can build a new culture of freedom, equality and inclusion. 

I’ve seen it every day for the last few days, from people aged 15-80. They will be the next Greatest Generation, if we choose to support and heal rather than divide for the sake of power consolidation.   

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