Yes is an Un-popped Popcorn Kernel of Space Time

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A stern look, or high-pitched voice, tends to get me to give up the kernels of my time by saying “yes.”

“Yes” manager-type or other de-facto leader, I will do what you say, particularly after I give you my input and you ignore it. After all, you are the leader.

“Yes,” whomever, I will help you with your project because I’m working on my project but it’s not really work so I’ll help. 

Which cheapens the kernel of course, turning it effectively from a golden un-popped orb of potential into a spent, partially popped but still too hard, hair and gum-covered piece of movie theater detritus, stuck in the red carpet under the seat on aisle twelve.  

I should point out, nothing is “getting” me (or you) to do anything – for a host of reasons, including some messed up psychology I’m sure, this is how I choose to respond…by saying yes, rarely saying no.  I’m not sure why you do it, but if you say yes too much, you should consider saying no.

Saying no feels like training for a triathlon or other such non-mandatory sporting event one enrolls in – empowering, isolating but in a controlling-your-destiny kind of way, strengthening…

As you’ve likely gleaned, I (or possibly we) should be saying “no” a lot more, particularly given our understanding that protecting the yes kernel provides for its future pop-able potential and ability to generously feed a true need.

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