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Hi Kelly,

Patrick McNerthney here. We spoke back in January about a Copywriter role with Amazon. I’ve followed our old email thread for reference.

Somehow (I can’t remember the details it’s all a blur) they didn’t select me! Dumbfounding. It was really embarrassing when I showed up for my first day and the security team wouldn’t let me in. I even came back with lunch (Teriyaki) a few hours later, but that just made things worse. Perhaps they were vegetarians (I only brought beef and chicken, my mistake). 

I hope you are well and safe! I’m reaching out because I applied for the Creative Copywriter role with “the nation’s most premier virtual assistant” I found posted by ECS on LinkedIn today. 

I’ve attached an updated resume that shows what a fantastic fit I am for this position. It includes a link to my creative writing website. I’m not sure if you are the job poster for this particular opportunity…if so I’d love to speak with you about the position, its requirements and expectations, how I meet and/or exceed all of them and thus when they can send me the onboarding paperwork. I’m actually back at their front door right now so please tell them to let me in and they can just hand it right to me. 

If you’re not the Job Poster for this opportunity  I’m hoping you can refer me to the appropriate person and/or suggest that you remember what a fantastic phone interview we had and surely your peer would be remiss if they didn’t simply toss all of the other amazingly qualified applicants’ information in the trash (both real or desktop) because “boom” we’ve found the best person right here. By best person, I mean me. Just to be clear.  That’s me, Patrick. I’m standing right here.

Oh, here’s the link to my website: Thanks! I do hope you are well and don’t be a stranger. 

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