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What would this look like if it was easy and fun?

Someone once told me this as I struggled to build a document in Excel – one of my many nemeses. My blood pressure elevates just when I read or hear the word “Excel.” I sweat more than usual, my chest gets tight, the whole deal.

For you, insert whichever migraine or stress-inducing word(s) come to mind in place of my Excel demon. What do you need to be easy and fun right now?

This potentially frivolous exercise provides two important frames to what we do: (1.) It uses blunt force to question our need to take ourselves so seriously and (2.) it opens up the idea that possibility can appear when facing dauntingly elusive goals.

On that note, here’s a few quotes I found quite inspirational that relate to the power of reframes.

They’re from people I met once, in a virtual workshop, much like The Innovation:

  1. “We encounter fear when things actually matter.  So fear is actually a great barometer for what’s important. Fear is the way finder you want on your side during your quest, it’s how you know you’re on the right track.”
  2. “Please, please be defeated by ever greater things.”
  3. “Can we see tasks as opportunities, and risk as a chance?
  4. “You’re not trying to build the right program, lead the right way, help solve the right problem. You’re actually doing it.”

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