Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? Mean people, that’s who.

We’re partnering with Mary’s Place to bring you…mixed tapes!
Ok shirts. We’re bringing you t-shirts. We’ll work on mixed tapes later. Here’s how it works for the shirts.
You find a shirt you like. Or even if you don’t like it that’s fine just buy it. Why?

Your purchase covers the cost of the shirt, the transaction fee for the credit card processor, Washington State sales tax which is added during checkout…and the rest goes to help fund and support Mary’s Place (nonprofit). Their tagline is “No one’s child should sleep outside” for goodness’ sake, so you can see why this is a great idea.

Boom. That’s it. Have a cool shirt idea? We’re happy to hear about it. Well, we’ll begrudgingly hear about it and maybe somewhat sullenly make it come to fruition, mostly because we wish it was our idea, not yours, but fine. We’ll make it for you. Click the “Test” button on our home page and send us a lovely piece of electronic mail.