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I’m watching a podcast…er, well, it’s a video so I guess a talk show, about marketing and adapting to change. 

The two hosts are independent marketers with previous experience. Although I haven’t verified this by asking for references.  

They make money through marketing consulting, writing, coaching, possibly team building…and advising in general.  

Which is great. Although I don’t understand how they do this. Make money or offer those services.  

The show is really disorganized and yell-y. Ok maybe boisterous is a better descriptor but still, it elicits terrible memories of The Jerry Springer Show. Wait, maybe that’s exactly why the joke is on me (lots of folks liked that show, if you recall).

The meat of the show seems to be how one of the hosts successfully pivots and leverages her existing brand to generate business. Well, not “how” one of the hosts successfully pivots and leverages, more “that” she successfully pivots and leverages. 

Explaining the “how” is a generous act that (to the host) wouldn’t lead to more business (although really it would), so perhaps that’s why this great skill set remains a “that” – so we’ll reach out to this person and pay for the “how.” 

Thus as I poke around this host’s website, I find it’s similarly loud. Big font. Big photos of the host. Tactically it attempts to overwhelm the reader/viewer with so much energetic information as to render them paralyzed, thus creating a panicked need to click the button that hires the services because now I’m scared and confused and loud must work just fine get me out of here.

So that’s the part I don’t understand, between the show and the site. Do clients look at the services offered, the methodology of “hit them hard and loud,” and think their idea won’t be lost in the noise? Are these clients being misdirected or taken advantage of? Do they not care? Do they need education? 

Or, worse yet, does hard and loud actually work? Oh no.  

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