Your final product is what people see. They don’t get to see all the hard work behind it: your research, analysis, brainstorming, testing, corrections, management, organization, worry, and passion. Nope. Your work is just suddenly there. Ready to be judged. Oh no. I once threw a rooftop birthday party for a friend. It was glorious! […]


I love my family. In quarantine I frequently find myself desperately wanting to get away from them. Wait, is what we’re doing still called quarantine? Currently I’ve escaped to our basement. There’s a man from Orkin (pest control) down here, and it’s small and cramped, and he’s just standing there not doing anything which is […]


I tell my son he should have been a meteorologist. He’s 11. Here in the greater Seattle area, our imminent doom lies not with the weather (rainy and relatively benign), but rather the many faults surrounding us…(the physical, rather than metaphorical, faults – you know, cracks in the Earth’s crusty part prone to quaking)…which I […]